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February March 2022

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June-July 2022




  Series:  Jesus in John




April 10:  Palm Sunday

Christ in John:  The Word

Key Verses:  John 1:1-14

April 15:  Good Friday - Cancelled due to Weather

April 17:  Easter Sunday

Christ in John:  The Lamb

Key Verses:  John 1:29-34

April 24:  Cancelled due to weather

May 01:  Communion

Christ in John:  The Evidence

Key Verses: John 21:24-25



May 08:  Mothers' Day

Tribute to Mothers:  Naomi - Bitterness to Joy

Key Verses:  Ruth

May 15: 

Christ in John:  The Water

Key Verses:  John 4:1-26

May 22:  Anniversary Weekend (75 Years)

Christ in John:  The Bread

Key Verses:  John 6:1-14


May 29: 

Word 2 You:  Walk Free

Key Verses:  Psalm 119:25-32