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Practical Faith

What are you doing to live out your faith?

To serve God:

- usher - teach - mom’s and tots - small group - prayer meeting

- youth - camp - technology - music - kitchen, events

- hospitality - custodial - leadership - mentorship - greeting

To serve believers:

- give someone a ride to church - help someone with a project

- help someone with moving - provide a meal for someone in need

- sponsor a refugee family - contribute to the Love Fund

- mentor someone - be an ‘uncle,’ ‘aunt,’ or ‘grandparent’ for a child

- have someone over for coffee or a meal - send a note of encouragement

To serve our community:

- volunteer at Parkland Crossing - donate clothing

- donate household items to someone in need - volunteer for meals on wheels

- build relationships with your neighbours - fill a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

- do a rake-and-run with friends - visit a senior

- contribute to the scarf tree or mitten tree

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