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Light Work

ATP Blog #62

Light Work

John 9:4-5

Have you noticed in the news how people are trying out different work weeks … like four days of work, with a three day weekend? Some are suggesting more than forty hours, while others shoot for thirty, but with the same pay. I shake my head in amazement when the ‘experts’ keep coming back to God’s design as the optimal schedule, of six days of work, with one day of rest.

Light What is light? When we think of light work, we automatically assume that it means that it is less strenuous. Jesus had just finished giving ‘light’ to a blind man, who could now see for the first time in his life. In the Scriptures, God uses the word light to demonstrate the ability to see. When you turn on the light, you are now able to see what is really in the room. This reminds me of some games we used to play in youth group with the lights turned off. Once the lights were turned back on, everyone laughed at how silly they were, and at what they had bumped into. When the blind man received his sight, he was now able to discern what he had only experienced by sound and touch. Light reveals the truth … whether we like it or not. Light also represents the ‘day,’ which is when a person is safest, as opposed to night when evil seems to reign.

Work What work has God designed for you to do? Too often we ask the wrong question, thinking about what work you have been designed for. That is part of it, but when we remember that God works through our weaknesses, then the question seems to be harder to answer. Is life about what I want to do, or about what God wants for me? When we realize that the second is a better choice, and more fulfilling, then we can seek it, and find more fulfillment. This is the thing that Jesus Christ sought, even for Himself! ‘We must work the works of Him who sent Me …’ Who had sent Jesus Christ to the world? He said it quite frequently. It was the Father, our Creator … our God. In other words, God has a special set of works for each person to do that will bring Him glory, and expand His kingdom. They are also ways we worship Him, which is primarily what we were created to do, and the reason Jesus did the work of reconciling us with God through His sacrifice on the cross.

Timing When should we do these works? Very simple: as soon as you know what they are. ‘We must work … while it is day; night is coming, when no one can work.’ The blind man was sent into the path of Jesus at just the right time, not because he had sinned, but so that the ‘works of God might be displayed in him.’ God sends people into your path that you may help them, revealing the works of God, and giving Him the glory. What is important, is that we do them now; take the opportunities as they come without delay. Why is it so important? We have light (revelation of truth, ability to see) right now, but night is coming, when no one can work. That is a scary thought … that there will be a time when truth is hidden, and the works of God cannot be accomplished. There is an urgency in the gospel. Introducing people to God, both through words and works, is our primary mission, and must be done as the opportunities come. Do not worry about how people respond. If they reject the message, don’t take it personally; they are not rejecting the messenger, but the One who sent it. Just move on to the next opportunity, and watch God do the work.

Let us get to doing the Light Work that God has assigned to us!

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