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Above All

ATP Blog #19 Above All

John 3:22-36

Do you remember the worship song we used to sing?

Above all powers, above all kings

Above all nature and all created things

Above all wisdom and all the ways of man

You were here before the world began

Above all kingdoms, above all thrones

Above all wonders the world has ever known

Above all wealth and treasures of the earth

There's no way to measure what You're worth

Crucified, laid behind the stone

You lived to die, rejected and alone

Like a rose trampled on the ground

You took the fall and thought of me, above all

Of course, Jesus did not have time to think of each individual while on the cross, but His sacrifice was for every individual that believes in Him. The point is, that Jesus Christ is above all things, people, and powers. Our passage today describes a testimonial from John the Baptist regarding this very topic.

Purification John baptized people in repentance, to prepare for the Messiah. Jesus and His disciples baptized people in repentance, to prepare for the work of the Messiah in paying for our sins permanently! (v25) “There arose a dispute between some of John’s disciples and the Jews (religious leaders) about purification.” This is regarding baptism. They were so excited about John’s baptism that they were worried about Jesus’ baptism, drawing people away from John. John testified that Jesus’ baptism, that it was better. He explains that what was given to both himself and Christ, was given by God (v27).

Salvation John prepared people for the Messiah. Jesus was (and is) the Messiah! He is described in this testimonial as ‘The Bridegroom’ who has come for His bride. John describes himself as the friend of the bridegroom, who is happy for the attention that the bridegroom is getting. He says (v29), ‘This joy of mine is fulfilled.’ Christ brings the salvation that John was sent to prepare people for. The attention rightly goes to Jesus Christ, who is better than the messenger (John) that was sent before.

Importance The Baptizer had testified before the he was not the Christ, but rather was directing people to Jesus, the Christ. (v30) “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Due to the arrival of Jesus Christ on the scene to do ministry, and fulfill His mission, John’s ministry was to wind down. John continues (v31) saying, “He who comes from above is above all.” John was born of two human parents, miraculous, yet of earth. Jesus was born of God through Mary, miraculous, and of Heaven, therefore above all. The testimony of Christ was that God is True. It was He “whom God has sent [that] speaks the Words of God. (v32)”

Beloved The Bible describes Jesus as both beloved by God, and begotten (chosen to be first). God became flesh to live among us, in the person of Jesus Christ, also called ‘The Son of God.’ John testifies (v35) that “the Father loves the Son, and has given all things into His hand.” All authority belongs to Christ. Through His death and resurrection, He took back the authority that mankind had given to Satan back in Eden.

Life The final testimony of John was that Jesus had come to bring life, which no man could give, except through God. “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. (v36)” Believing who Christ is, what He says, and what He did for you, is what gives you true life in God. Those who do not truly believe, not only do not get this life, but also feel the wrath of God, having to pay their own penalty for sin!

Do you truly believe that Jesus Christ is above all?

How does this affect your life?

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