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John 5:1-15

The medical field has been always looking for a cure to solve every disease. Some cures have been found, and some have needed ‘patches’ to hide or tame the symptoms. Most people trust the modern medical system, which relies heavily on Pharmaceuticals. Others seek more natural methods, relying on what doctors call ‘old wives tales.’ A third group finds a compromise, such as Doctor Mike in the old TV show ‘Doctor Quinn.’ The Bible, while encouraging the use of medical professionals, adds another category: miracles. How do these supernatural events come to be?

Legend One way many people believe supernatural events occur is by legendary traditions or heroes. One such belief was the angel that stirred the water regularly at the pools of Bethesda in Jerusalem. The large area, with five porches, had several pools. Legend has it that (5:4) “an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then whoever stepped in first after the stirring of the water was made well of whatever disease he had.” Whether it was a spa type pool with medicinal properties, or an actual angel brought healing to someone who entered the water, is unknown. The Bible doesn’t seem to discount either. One man who was lying nearby seems to have been unable to make use of this opportunity as he was paralyzed, or at least an infirmity he had been inflicted with for thirty-eight years.

Lesson Another way that supernatural events occur is by an encounter with Jesus Christ. The Messiah was in Jerusalem for the feast of the Jews (likely Passover). Christ saw the man lying there … in fact, He must have seen all the infirm lying in the porches, but He zeroed in on this man. Why this man? No one knows, but it would seem that this man was ready for an encounter with Jesus that would teach him a lesson. So, Jesus asks the man, ‘Do you want to be healed?’ (v6) It seems like a ‘duh’ question, but Jesus wanted the man to respond. Christ only heals those who want to be healed. The man knew he needed it, but did not know how Jesus would help with his infirmity. His first response was, “I would love to be healed, but no one has been willing to help me into the pool at the right time.” Jesus challenged the man to a different method of healing: faith in the Messiah. ‘Rise, take your bed and walk.’ (v8) It would seem that Jesus’ intuition was correct, as the man immediately got up, completely healed, and obeyed Jesus.

Learning Healing that lasts comes only when faith in Christ sticks. Several times in His ministry, people are healed, and then given opportunity to be healed spiritually as well. A warning is given (v14) each time, ‘See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.’ The biggest miracle is not what happens to the body, which is limited, but what happens in the soul, which is eternal. This man, after he was healed by Jesus, was tested in his faith by the religious leaders (who did not want to believe in Jesus). He seems to have passed the test, accepting Christ based on the gift from God to him, rather than the objections of the religious leaders based on their legalism (having to do with the Sabbath laws).

Love It is the ultimate and unconditional love of God that brings healing into our lives. How will you respond to the opportunity God gives, through Jesus Christ, to be healed? His healing encompasses the physical, emotional, and spiritual. When you receive the gift of healing from Him, make sure to thank Him, and live in obedience, that nothing worse happens to you!

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